Trading  excellence and the insight you need .
                                                                      Mark Hills .
20 years ago I started a journey to find out where the easiest and most effective generator of wealth could be found, without back breaking work, huge amounts of capital invested, a large workforce or a business which you are tied to 7 days a week.  I could see myself bogged down with so many factors outside of my control, being in all these situations . I knew I had to make the choice of change,find something I would have a passion for and deep understanding of.
    I see the majority of people earning their income today, without ever enjoying what they do, or having faith investing  in  XY institutions with your hard earned capital.
I remember the point in time when , one day reading through a paper and coming  across the shares page of quotes, something I knew very little of at the time, and saw  the fluctuations and  percentage gains that could be made from buying and selling, it then I knew where I was heading .

  For 8 years I studied and attended over $40,000.00 worth of seminars on trading the  markets of the world,sadly the majority of it never even gave me a solid trading strategy, just a whole lot of nothing which  I paid top Dollar for .I am never one to give up and blessed with a fantastic analyzing mind which drove me to a point  where I could achieve both consistent and above average returns .

  I concentrated my investing and research mainly on the futures markets where the leverage is higher, allowing me to invest with less capital to return above 80% yearly, and for the ease of only tracking one instrument.8 years ago I moved my study and trading from the stock market futures to the world currency markets, or what is commonly called the Foreign Exchange or Fx markets..
The reasons I did this were very simple.
   1: These markets are the most liquid markets of any, over 1 Trillion Dollars per day changes hands in trade .
   2: All banks trade and conduct business in them, along with companies hedging against currency fluctuations on purchases and sales from one country to another .
   3: They are lower risk than any stock market as they trade 24 hours a day eliminating the large over night gaps, providing me with the easiest trading  over the past 10 years.

   These markets have allowed me to achieve constant and reliable returns above 80% per year .
I have found the last 2 years no different, in fact slightly more rewarding.
Larger percentage gains(+100%) are very obtainable if you wish to put in the effort and time.
                                       Did I achieve what I set out to do?

Yes I have achieved what I set out to do 18 years ago, even though it has been a steep and at times expensive learning curve to achieve the success and returns I was aiming for.
It is since I have achieved this, I have decided after much deliberation to share the knowledge I have gained, in teaching my methodology and give traders a real edge over an occupation that takes no hostages if you get it wrong. .