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The  FX Market - I.B Agreements Explained and why they impact on your welfare and genuine advice.
The Fx Market 
is NOT a free trading environment,your Broker is dictated to by the Liquidity providers also the majority of Educators under I.B ( Introducing Broker) Agreements explained very well if you watch the You tube video title listed below,he must obey them FIRST- not you- therefore what he advises and advocates must favour them,not his Clients,therefore creating Conflict Of Interest and as you know when that happens someone always gets screwed over.
The very size of the FX Marketplace and what it supports, dictates it has to be a relatively controlled environment, you must understand and know this, and how to work with it, and not be the victim of it.
Unfortunately whilst your Broker provides copious amounts of FREE Trading advice their first alliance is always the Liquidity Providers and  hence what you learn from there or find published FREE  is tailored to at best keep you treading water if you are very very  lucky.
If you want the full insight into the world of Brokers,Liquidity Providers AND the mass educators sweeping through Facebook by the dozen, then you need to watch this video on You Tune:Anton Kreil Dumps on Brokers and Mass Educators " This is what really happens and why i refuse to be part of the alliances .
In other words what the public is fed is going to be soley for the benefit of the Big End of Town to benefit THEM and THEM Only.

Remember the add when Tom Waterhouse had his Betting company and put out  the -  take on Tom - adds  with  his special bets, do you believe he was really giving you a chance to win money and take it off of his company ? Of course not,he had calculated that the odds of you winning were not in your favour but against you in this unique  situation. It is no different when your so helpful  Broker OR Educator who is backed  and sponsored by all these Brokers  sends out the emails with all the economic predictions of what is going to move where etc etc

The strategies I have developed initially for the Pro Trader have now taken on a major integral part of my trading, this strategy along with trade extension rules adding 50 or 100% to a pre-set target distance is one of the most significant and powerful formation tools I have ever developed and worked with have 0 subjectivity to it and works on any time frame being just as accurate and powerful.  This is an extremely powerful tool when it can be used on Stocks,Commodities as well as FX.  If you think or believe this cannot be done then you are missing what I derive from a simple unadulterated Chart. Unfortunately, without a suitable mentor that is actually a "trader" there is no quick fix, it takes years of experience to reach the level I am on.
Why not afford yourself the opportunity to take the frustration and guess work out of trading and make money while it is on offer? As you work with my strategies you will quickly realize the cost of my services are minimal compared to the financial returns that maybe derived from trading. Also, you will come to realize why I have had trading accounts closed because I was labeled "To Big of a Trading Risk”. I conduct the course personally and from my own home and currently seeking a Location in Melbourne , so yes you know exactly where I live, I don't have the need to hide behind locked office doors or web cameras.
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Stock Market 360 degrees  Super Cycle Fast Approaching We are now approaching the end of the decade where stock market crashes and corrections enter the high probability zone, not only fuelling the FX Market but this is the time to learn a strategy to invest in stocks as we are on the verge of the second 10 year up cycle for stocks. The cycles run like this - Start bottom of 1987 -1997 then correct, then from there to the highs 2007,2008. completing the last Double cycle.
From there  it starts a whole new 20 Year cycle with the first 10 years this time aligning with the Super Cycle which is going to shake the markets to the core as there is so much money still sitting waiting for a safe time to enter the markets and of course most of that is from the Investors still panicking from 2009 who once again are going to provide a drastic surge in the market only to see it disintegrate once again. We have 3 ingredients to push this cycle further than ever before, normally we may only have one factor driving its vigour, however this time we have 3, Low interest Rates, Low Oil Prices/Energy and are in the midst again of a massive Technological Revolution, these things combined are going to take the Stock Markets to dizzying heights beyond belief,  I can assure you this cycle is going to create wealth beyond belief, a cycle that if traded with some degree of accuracy is going to create a whole new generation of millionaires. This is the perfect time right now to set yourself up for the rest of your life, make changes if it is your financial desire, ambition or passion to break free of the financial merry go round or daily grind, the changes and education you undertake now will  place you in the forefront of what is coming.
Yes, you may say this sounds like a great sales pitch however, I haven't manufactured the cycles the are part of market dynamics, I have simply learned to work WITH Them and not against them, sometimes the hard and expensive way! This is exactly how it is and exactly where we are right now - I  continually get people come to me after they have lost considerable amounts of money trying to learn to trade on their own accord, in poor volatile times or spent thousands on worthless indicator based systems, maybe 1% of people may get there on their own merits and even those I guarantee you are going to make some substantial losses and take a number of years in the process, or they sit and watch the share market or FX move and move then when everybody else has left the building , they then decide to enter in at the very wrong place, it is for this reason I am portraying what is about to unfold as strongly as I can so as many people as possible can share in the next  wealth cycle .
I see fund managers bumble through who rely on “Analysts” making returns of less than 10% who are called Gods of the Investment Industry, so long as they return 6% then they receive their massive bonuses, in other words it is all about them and even though it is your money, you do not count or always come a poor second when they are supposed to be working for you.
The Banks brain wash to great lengths that Bank Interest is the only safe income return, the scary part is, too many people actually believe them and fall for their self-centred prophecies. The only bad thing coming, is, you having to work in a boring job or for less than you know you should be able to make, and that is exactly where the powerful Institutions and World Governments are hell bent on keeping you. Do you want to break that cycle? Do you really want to break that cycle, well I can show exactly how I have done exactly that.?