Trading  excellence and the insight you need .
    The Ultimate Trading Package   
       Institutional Level
       4 Day 1 on 1

           This option is second to none Gaining experience and tuition  for those traders who only want the best of the best.

            This course starts with the 2 days then expands over another 2 days  giving a
Total of 4 Days .  Can  any Educator or Trader  show you trades done exactly by rules that return between 12 and 20 to 1-  REWARD To RISK?
This Option is  about the ingenuity i have spent a life time developing and using.This takes what can be achieved in these markets to a level that no one to this Day who has ever done a course has witnessed prior . This is not a cheap alternative however if you want the best of the best then you have just found it.
           As you consider this option keep in mind the experience and support REAL TIME you will receive when other mentor and educators prefer to be non contactable or arms length away.
  What does the ULTIMATE PACKAGE mean for you?

     It means i don't hide behind office doors , web cameras etc .etc

      It means  I STAND BESIDE YOU  when the majority run and hide as it comes  to the REAL business of trading .
   Maybe only 1% of traders come educators genuinely offer this, as you consider my services  remind yourself  90% of traders loose money for a reason.
                           The way forward in 2019
What to expect and how i will be structuring my mentoring and tuition.

2019 will see some slight changes to my mentoring program.  As  we see what i believe is a tightening in finances for everyone, and the enjoyment and satisfaction i receive from the students i work with throughout the year,  in 2019 i will be introducing extra options for  those of you who have a passion to achieve something most never will  from Trading in a more cost effective approach..
   What you will achieve from this Course:-
Firstly you will have faith, maybe for the very first time in the trades you will be undertaking.
I cover the emotional side of trading especially dealing with a loss and also what not to do after a series of winning trades.
I cover the theory behind and how i developed what are my Pre Set Time Trades which are trades conducted on a Daily basis.All rules and filters are explained and we work through them on the associated chart pairs.
Also covered are the calculations i use for my targets which are ALL placed the moment a trade is entered along with stop loss, there are only 2 rules that enable you to close or alter that trade once it is live, this eliminates the temptation to mess with trades once they are instigated which you should never do.I guarantee there is nowhere you will ever see disclosed a formula that is at least 90% accurate being used for a target and this fact alone i have been told several times over is worth the value of the course by itself.
The Set Time Trades start at 3 to 1 Reward to Risk and up to 12 to 1 Reward to Risk as a starting target.Further to that with the use of what is an extension rule which has ZERO subjectivity some trade produce a specific bar formation once underway and may be extended by 50 or 100%, once again this probably the second most significant innovation or rule that has allowed me to return the results i achieve and again you are not going to see this anywhere else.

Part B of the Course is the PT3 Bar Formation strategy i use.
This particular strategy is purely a 3 Bar Configuration when it sets up  in the correct formation is one of the largest breakthroughs i have ever achieved in developing a trading strategy.
This strategy forms basically 70% of  my own trading.
I have never seen or used any system or strategy that comes close to the accuracy of what is achieved using this configuration as a base to start a trade from,especially when it may be used on any time frame up to and including a 6 month chart of an Index.The significant pull back of the Dow Jones in January February this year was actually identified back in January 2013 using this bar structure and is the first thing i show my clients once they have first worked through the configuration and filters showing them the power of what this achieves.


                          One on One Options:-

Courses are here in my office where you will be part of my  environment.
1 Day:  One on One -
This is an overview of the PT3 Strategy only .
This Option has a 1 Month Follow up support.
2 Day:   One on One -
This is the most cost effective approach for my services, as per above, a competent level is reached in 2 days.
This option also contains 3 Month Mentor Support.
Comes with Manual, Wall Trading Charts,Trading Calendar,Risk Calculator

  Alternative 2 Day 1 on1 Externally - This is new and the brother to the 2 day 1on1 Courses i run.
I have developed this option  to give you as close as the same experience as sitting with me doing the 2 Day x 1 on 1 Course here in my office.
This option contains over 4 Hrs of video taken as i work through the Course 1 on 1, then after you have worked through that it is completed via a 1 Day session on a live link between us where any areas you wish to see explained further is done and we walk through several trades day by day to complete your learning journey.In some ways with having the videos to reference back on will hold ore value than the 2 Day with me 1 on 1 so is now a very real alternative to 1 on1, also reducing the cost  of the 2 Day 1 on 1 done in this manner..Comes with 3 month follow up mentorship as per the 2 Day Course with me.

  3 Days : One on One -  Inclusive of  Pro Trader 3 as well and covers all background to why i trade when i do, how to use it going forward, rules and filters for trades and specific rules for 5  Currency Pair Trades.
The First 2 days are working through to a competent level of understanding, the 3rd  day is for revision and how you can further enhance the Longer Term trades  exclusivity with me, or   with at most 1 other students to reduce costs for you if i can organize a similar student level .This option may be added after the course if you feel it is required- about 20% of students consider this extra day.
This option also contains 3 Month Mentor Support.
Comes with Manual, Wall Trading Charts,Trading Calendar,Risk Calculator

Written specifically for Home Study .The Specific details of this can be found under Courses 2019 Tab.


Please contact me for the Pricings on these options which range from $1950 upwards depending on individual requirements tailored specifically.

As a further service if you feel your strategies are ok and working however finding it difficult to make profits i offer a  mentor or counselling service to help you regain control and move forward also  to look over your trading results to ascertain the problems to be rectified and advise a solution .With 18 years of trading experience at my disposal there is very little i have not seen or experienced. These meetings are usually 1 or 2 hours  here at my office  by appointment.Please specify if it this service  you require when contacting me as the meeting is an hourly rate.

For more details and info regarding the above programes and pricing please email me at
              or  mobile 0438877132.
Forex Mentor and Trader  with 21years of Trading  Experience
Brisbane , Australia