Pro  Trader 3 -THE BEAST has evolved.
Suitable for Stocks , Commodities,  Indexes as well as Fx  ranging  from 30 Minute to Yearly Charts.
The PT3 is available as a 1 Day Course in office- Via Live Link or simply purchased without my time as Home Study.
This particular strategy is purely a 3 Bar Configuration when it sets up  in the technically correct formation is  the largest break through I have ever achieved in developing a trading strategy.
This strategy forms basically 80% of the Platinum and 2 Day 1on 1 Course I offer .

2020 Has seen the enhancement of the PT3 code. The development I have undertaken now makes this a full programe in itself and leaves nothing to the imagination.
The features of this are: -
1 Full back testing capability with Total Trades, win loss and % value ON SCREEN and export to an excel worksheet.
This is a full programe all of its own, built into this Indicator.
2 Draws a triangle to target Level as trade progresses, this is an asset when looking back over winning and losing trades.
3 Draws an overlay of a 4 Hr PT 3 formation on a 30 Min chart.
4 Draws target level lines.
5 Bar structure variables may be now adjusted.
6 Adjustable target Calculation levels.
7 All colors, fonts adjustable.
8 Formation size of setup- minimum and maximum
9 Two separate filters for previous congestion, both with adjustable values.
10 One indicator built in with levels adjustable
11 Time window- This is a massive inclusion, the start and finish time for each day may be set specifically according to the best time of day for each pair, further to that these start and finish times are marked with a small bracket or can be DE highlighted. Furthermore, any trade appearing outside the time window can be removed from your chart, this gives you a de-cluttered chart and focuses only on a smaller higher success rate of results to analyze with a spreadsheet further.
12 The extension rule I use to extend trades by either 50% or 100% are also now marked on the chart automatically.
13 Week start is also now marked on the chart.
14 Full back testing and display of % win/loss on screen and export to excel spreadsheet- this is a dynamic feature.

This is the INPUT Label Box of the Enhanced BEAST PT3