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   - This is  the brother to the 2 day 1  on  1 Courses I offer.

This  may be purchased as Course only,
                                                    -None of my time
                                                    -With my time.As per the 2 Day x 1 on 1

I have developed this option  to give you as close as the same learning experience as sitting with me working through the 2 Day x 1 on 1 Course here in my office.
This option contains a video series taken as i work through the Course 1 on 1, then after you have worked through that it is completed via a 1 or 2 Day session on a live link .This enables you still to work directly with me on any areas you wish to see explained further and a  walk through of several trades day by day to complete your learning journey. Having the videos to reference back on will hold  value for you and may also be included with the face to face package as an addition.This  is now a very real alternative to 1 on1, also reducing the cost  of the 2 Day 1 on 1 done in this manner..Comes with 3 month follow up mentorship as per the 2 Day Course with me.
Further from that the course  may be purchased without my time ,  it is then up to you if you feel you require my specific time at a later stage, this is a great cost effective way to enter into the strategies i use and work from there

The Course comprises the emotional journey of trading and how to keep your emotions in check along with money management, risk and how to use it to your advantage.
How to research and develop new trades which shows  why I trade at particular set pre determined times year after year, no matter how far into the future you wish to go .This  also contains 1 of the 2 most important tools I have ever developed which is calculating a profit target at the point of entry to a trade, whether it be highly volatile or tight ranges, this calculation expands and contracts as per the volatility at entry time. Several times during a course it has been said, this is worth the value of the course on its own, by those who have done considerable trading who realize a reliable target is like the elusive dream when trading.

Working through the Pro Trader and how it can be associated with your pre set time trading and made use of on wider time frame charts, as opposed to how its base is a 15 minute chart. I have included charts showing the major run down in oil on a monthly  calling the bottom and use it on Stock Charts up to a quarterly Chart with the same degree of success.

Working through the Rules and Filters required for the Set Time Trades. In this section is the second of the 2 most unique and profit enhancing tools I have developed, this is a profit target rule extension which may be either or both a 50% or 100% extension of trade targets,   which means trades that have an initial target of maybe 220 points maybe extended out to 330 and on the larger ranges, extended to 440 points.
No matter what trading you ever undertake you MUST be able to extend targets under conditions favorable and confidently, this does that with extreme accuracy.
                    The specific trades, times and targets  are set out for the GBPAUD and the GBPCHF,& EURNZD set time trades. After working through the whole process allows you to go on and develop further trades in other markets.
Are you tired of staring into the fog ?
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