The Ultimate in a Course -
         When you have to get it right first time.

Have you ever thought  trading or finding a reputable educator is like staring into a foggy morning? Because you never really know and can't  see what is lurking in the background.

When you undertake this Course and gain genuine knowledge of how the market is structured,  you will  finally start to understand  exactly what it  will  be like to have that lifestyle change.
Being able to earn an income from home and without a boss or having employees to continually account for.
When you consider this option and the cost, in all honesty it comes down to, can I afford NOT to pay for education. Being taught by someone with NO strings attached to a Broker  is the ONLY way you are going to make the changes in your trading and your life that need to happen and be able to make money consistently!
I invite you to take the time and give me a call to discuss the difference I can make in your life.

When you sign on with my education the fee you pay up front is the FINAL fee.

I do not subscribe to charging $5000 then the next level is $10,000 then if you want the best it is another $20,000, this is a well oiled sales pitch that continually relieves you of your money and  nothing more.

The Course is a continuation of the 2  Day 1 on 1 moving more in depth with strategy use and is only taught here in my office as 1 on 1.
The third day expands on the use of the PT3 and how to adapt it over various markets, also with this course are 2 more Indicators I have developed to run on Trading View as I expand onto stocks further  for Share selection. Also included is the BT4 Indicator Tool mainly used on GBPAUD , it has similar inputs to the PT3 but targets a different area of the market than the PT3.
Moving on from the Day classes are  4 x 3 1/2 Hour sessions during the best trading hours from 4.00 p.m through until 7.30 p.m.Brisbane time.
In these sessions I trade a live account in front of you and you are also welcome to follow live or Demo or just watch, during the time in these sessions we revise any areas needed, discuss the setups as they occur  or just simply monitor the market for any setups that may arise , these sessions  may be done in office or via a live link.

This Course is a comprehensive package, it covers the full scope of every facet required to be SUCCESSFUL ,  it is about making money for you moving forward, and not providing me an ongoing income from your losing trades. This Course is the flagship of any educational material in the market place today.
If you want to be in the top 10% of Traders  and learn from a Professional Trader today.
Call Mark on   0438877132 or email

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