Pro  Trader 3 -
Suitable for Stocks , Commodities,  Indexes as well as Fx  ranging  from 15 Minute to Yearly Charts.

This particular strategy is purely a 3 Bar Configuration when it sets up  in the correct formation is one of the largest break throughs i have ever achieved in developing a trading strategy.
This strategy forms basically 70% of the 2 Day 1on 1 Course i offer .
I have never seen or used any system or strategy that comes close to the accuracy of what is achieved using this configuration as a base to start a trade from,especially when it may be used on any time frame up to and including a 6 month chart of an Index.The significant pull back of the Dow Jones in January February this year was actually identified back in January 2013 using this bar structure and is the first thing i show my clients once they have first worked through the configuration and filters showing them the power of what this achieves.