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Forex Mentor and Trader  with 22 years of Trading  Experience
Brisbane , Australia
Mark Hills
Ph:      0438 877 132
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Welcome to a journey with no boundaries.
              HAMILTON ISLAND 2020
        3 Days 2 Nights of Education
During the Course we will look at the market live in the evening and should there be correct                         entry setups I will be placing Live trades.

In April 2020 i will be offering a unique opportunity to learn in a relaxing and beautiful part of Australia which will be on Hamilton Island .
The aim from my perspective is to firstly offer an opportunity to gain the knowledge for a select  few when it comes to fully understanding the logarithms used to push , reverse and  constrain the FX Market we trade in today. The 2 main Indicator Tools and back ground I have developed identifies the expected ranges of moves from precise points and highlights the multitude of false breaks which the FX Market is renowned for.
Secondly I will be doing my utmost to achieve this, which is  - I want you to go away from this Course, not with the usual " another waste of time and money" feeling.  However Instead walk away looking back and saying "that was one of the biggest and most valuable turning points in my life" that Course run by Mark was instrumental in me getting to where I am  now.
Unless you understand or know how to handle the situations setup by the Liquidity Providers and Market Makers with an X + Y strategy you will undoubtedly  flounder and fail.
The Course will be limited to under 20 people, to secure a seat you will be aware that to succeed in today's environment,you must  have the edge , and to secure that, is to hire, employ or be taught by the best in the industry , if this is not how your belief system works then you will not be attending.

Am I the best in the Industry? I am never ever going to make that claim and rubbish anyone that does, because it can not be proven ! I do not claim I am the world number 1 -  however I do  know what the average trader can achieve, I know the poor performance Bank Traders and Institutions survive on, I continuously scour so called systems etc, which are very much beneath what I use and teach and probably the most important is, my clients are welcomed into my own home to do my Courses, they know where I live and work, I have no fear whatsoever of my clients knowing that, as I offer realistic and genuine, I sleep very well at night as opposed to the mass educators who teach poor and inferior, and by the time you understand it was useless and designed to give them ongoing income and lost your money and now  want answers, do you think those guys want you to know where they live?- I would think not.
                                                               I do not have that problem.
So where am I in the overall scheme of things , I am in the top 2% is a safe area to claim title to , and an area where you are in an elite group of people with outstanding ability to problem solve and develop an approach far above the majority. 
This event maybe be financially out of reach to some, however for the ones who have the ability to secure a seat , the question is " Can i afford NOT to be part of this Elite group of Traders"
Whilst i have helped individual Traders for the last 6 Years I am envisaging 2020 to be the last year i share what I do as I believe there are enough people who now know what I achieve, along with them, and do not wish to expose my understanding further, which will work against me and my valuable clients who have put their faith and trust in my abilities.
Please register your interest in this event  as i am still in the negotation stage to set final pricings.

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